Post-brawl notes

Carlson-9-16-250.jpgAngela (from my chat), you were correct! Jesse Carlson was spotted by My9 cameras in the visiting dugout after he was ejected last night. Flaherty and Leiter say they were making the point during the broadcast that Carlson should not have been there. Nice catch, Ang!

“This Week in Football”: I’m required by producer Jared Boshnack to make NFL picks. Went 2-1 last week, hitting on Giants and Saints and missing the Jets. This week, I’ll take the Giants because of their pass rush. And the Patriots because they’re the Patriots. For my third pick, I’ll go with the Titans over the Texans because the Texans looked awful and somewhat disinterested.

Angels-Yankees: Yeah, it’s two days late, but Monday’s game yielded some interesting comments from the visiting clubhouse. Said pitcher Jered Weaver, who is having an outstanding season: “It’s pick your poison with anybody who comes up to the plate for them.” Said Mike Scioscia, who knows a thing or two about how much solid relief pitching can propel a team: “(The Yankees are) definitely not a team you want to get in a bullpen war with.”

Should be a fun three-game series in Anaheim, beginning Monday. And here’s a weekend highlight: CC against King Felix on Saturday night at Safeco Field.



    Thanks for answering my question Kim! Is there any disciplinary actions that could be taken against the Blue Jays for the indiscretion? Could the Yankees file a protest?

  2. hughesd

    It was interesting to hear Jeter call Matsui one of his favorite players the other night in your interview. If the Yanks win the World Series this year could you see them showing some loyalty and bring him back? Would the captain have any influence on the decision? Will a year as DH help his knees enough that he can play left field again?


    ~Said Mike Scioscia, who knows a thing or two about how much solid relief pitching can propel a team: “(The Yankees are) definitely not a team you want to get in a bullpen war with.”~

    This may very well be my favorite quote about the 2009 Yankees.

  4. eggplantcalzone

    Always near a pie in the face, Kim we love ya. We’re watching the highlights on ESPN and other networks every night and we only get to see the side of your face for two seconds just before you duck. You need more camera time. Hope you’re doing great and keep up the great work! You’re the greatest!

  5. eggplantcalzone

    Always near a pie in the face, Kim we love ya. We’re watching the highlights on ESPN and other networks every night and we only get to see the side of your face for two seconds just before you duck. You need more camera time. Hope you’re doing great and keep up the great work! You’re the greatest!

  6. terrigirl

    Love your insight and diplomacy, very smart and thoughtful chats and blogs…are you related to Jim Ogle?

    Jorge…Jorge…Jorge….you know, first he doesn’t block the plate, which I am cool with because we do not need him getting hurt, then turns around and instigates a fight….do you remember when he purposely stepped on one of Fox’s in ground cameras during a World Series game? I love him, but…..

    The Giants…my heart says yes, but brain says Cowboys…but I will be rooting hard for the Jints.
    Pats, yes I agree…Titans over Texans…really going out on a limb here, aren’t you…lol….I need your help with the tighter games

    Thanks for the read, you are one of my favorites and I agree…you need more air time, John and Suzyn could use a breather….every inning, every game, that has to be a bone crusher


    Hi Kim!
    You are going 1-2 this week Kim. the boys over the Giants
    (just a feeling), Jets over Pats. (Pats have no D and Jets D
    looked good) and Titans over Texans. If Joe G. wants to
    rest his players, why not have Posada catch 3 games and
    Molina and Cervelli catch one?

  8. thefreak

    Kim Kim Kim ………….
    First let me say that nobody authorized this left coast trip at the end of the season with me. Now the Bombers get to play the Red Sox with jet lag. NOT GOOD! Not worried, but not good.

    Second. The other two picks don’t matter as long as the G-Men win. I will say this. The Jets I think have that whole “stars are aligned” thing going on. I think they will do very well this year. We could even have a subway superbowl. Without the subway, or the bowl for that matter. Jets aren’t gonna make it passed the 1st week of playoffs. Enjoy the left coast……….



    Hi, Kim. I really enjoyed hearing you doing the game with Sterling last night. You did a really good job. I remember your saying in an interview (or was it a chat?) earlier this year that you were not interested in moving to a role in the booth at some point in your career. I hope that this changes. Your comments are germaine, your opinions sound, and your observations astute. Best of all, your ego remains refreshingly unbloated. You’d be a great addition to any broadcasting team. Best wishes.


    Kim, that was a GREAT job filling in for Susan with John Stirling out there in seattle on the radio. You do add alot to and for us when we listen in. Good timing on your comments while John is calling play by play.


    Hi Kim, the yankees just lost to seattle 7-1 and joba told you that all his pitches were working ? what is your opinion of his mental status ? it seemed that you were amazed that he was saying those things about his stuff.


    Hi Kim,
    I was just wondering what ever happened with the Tino questions? You had said they would be posted, but the next thing that was posted was the chat about Girardi’s job security, and all that shows up there is the tiltle, but nothing else…What ever happened or was there a technical problem with the posting? Any chance of it being posted? Thanks.


    I see your back to posting whenever you feel like it, why dont you give someone else a chance, it seems you prefer football over baseball and TV over blogging, why not give someone a shot ?


    Giradi?s Yanks Doing It Wrong, For Sure.
    I am an avid Yankees fan and a Yankee loyalist to a fault at times but I have always try to look to my beloved Yankees with objective eyes. What I have watched this year have made me want to throw up at times. I will start with Derek Jeter; yes, the great Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter did something this year that was amazing as he surpassed a stat that a legendary Yankee held for over 70+ years but he never wanted to take time to really absorb it. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with the media attention that surrounded him as he became legend. Now, I know that humility is a great attribute to have but I also think that it is okay for a champion player to enjoy the ?minor? accomplishments while seeking the ?ultimate goal? (World Series Championship standing). Derek Jeter pretty much robbed himself of the entire moment and now it looks like everyone on the Yankees has been infected by the same diseased way of thinking.
    Now I know some readers are wondering what in world is this idiot writing; give me a chance by reading further. Last night the Yankees became the first team to mathematically earn a playoff spot and let me be the first to say, ?This is a great accomplishment for the New York Yankees and its okay to celebrate!!!? Last night was not just another game, it was a special game from start to finish. It showed the components of what the Yankees must do if they are going to be successful in the playoffs. Why would anyone want to down play the significance of last night? I do not understand that. Furthermore, why take this achievement away from the players as there were the ones on that earned it on the field? Lets not forget that last year was the first year the Yankees did not make the playoff in 13 years so why not celebrate this year. Eyeing the ?bigger prize? is not a way to justify not celebrating last night and is a cowardice statement. The New York Yankees are winners and should celebrate all notables achievements. Just because Derek Jeter wants to down play at of his personal achievements does not mean the team should follow his pathetic lead. How could this have happened? How did the most successful team in the history of MLB managed to take the fun and enjoyment out of winning? It is quite pathetic. Celebrate the now; there are no guarantees for tomorrow; make the most of the now, the now may never come again.
    Guarantees? There are not guarantees. There are no guarantees that the Yankees will win the A.L. East; even though the Boston Red Sox has lost 2 in a row Terry Francona will never have them quit. Is that what Giradi is scare of; that if the Yankees celebrate, they will quit on themselves and stop pushing forward? Well, if that is indeed the case, then the New York Yankees have much bigger problems than their shaky pitching. Yes, shaky pitching; I told that I am objective when it comes to assessing and evaluating my New York Yankees. The Yankees have two pitching that makes fan restful and that does not include A.J. Bennett. At best, A.J. Burnett is a game three starter, at least as far as what he has shown since the A.L. break. A.J. Burnett pitches are predictable and he does not have the heart of champion. Talking about having it or wanting it is not enough A.J., you are a New York Yankee; you have to do it. And, do New York Yankees fans really feel comfortable with Aceves having the ball in a big game situation. I cringe now because I really think he is arm is cooked the season. He has given the New York Yankees all he has and if we look at his stats; he has not pitched well in more than month, this is really bad timing.
    Anyways, back to the main topic: Maybe Jeter is really running the team, while Giradi is just a figure piece in place for now. Question: What if the New Yankees gets ousted in the ALDS or ALCS, is the season a failure?


    Hey Kim! Just wondering what happened to all the post’s from this season. Went to catch up and there’s nothing here! Can you get one of those awesome tech guys to fix this? I love your blog! I need to keep up with the Jones! : )

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