Getting the champagne out

One out of every three people asks if I have washed the champagne out of my hair. The answer, mercifully, is yes. There are a lot of things to like about champagne; its smell after drying isn’t one of them.

“This Week in Football” picks for this week: Saints over Giants, Jets over Bills, Vikings over Ravens. I’m no longer in sole possession of last place, I think, which is a good thing.

This is a (very) short post. It’s turned into a busy week. See you Friday for ALCS Game 1!


  1. albanyyankees

    hey Kim
    just a quickie post, cant wait for friday
    tell Joe and the guys to score early for a change of pace
    maybe even put the game out of reach .. yeah i like the sound of that, the weird thing is .. anyone else notice ?
    how many games went to 9th inning or later
    detroit / twins , dodgers, rockies, whats up ???

    anyway all is well in baseball world,
    Sox lose, Yankees win, sounds normal to me


    What was Joe thinking not leaving Robertson in the game???
    He was pitching fine and would have gotten Mathis out! Poor judgement Joe.

    Also what is going on with Swisher and Melky and Matsui? When are they going to contribute with the bats? They can’t leave it all up to Jeter and A-Rod!
    Let’s hope that everything kicks in tomorrow, Tuesday, so they can’t tie us in the series!!!!!

  3. boss115

    Hi Kim just want to say I been a Yankee fan all my life seen some good teams and seen some bad teams been a season ticket holder in the dark times of the late sixties. But from what I seen so far this team tonight has to come out swinging put runs on the board early and never stop, because LA will come back their like nats they don’t leave you alone. Run up the score never enough if you can beat them 25-0 go for it what I always said when I played.
    WE Win you lost to bad Thats that.

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