Playoff baseball back in the Bronx

CC-10-7-250.jpgDefinitely, a playoff atmosphere at the Stadium. As you would expect. There’s lots of winds and big expectations of a Yankees sweep. Do you know anyone – anyone – picking the Twins?

I’m sitting in a booth – not the YES booth, a smaller one beside the Yankee radio booth – by myself. Cone is in his suite. Kay is hanging with some ESPN colleagues. It gives me an excuse to blog.

It’s the second inning, CC has four strikeouts and is getting a lot of swing-and-misses.

If Mauer comes up in a key spot in, say, the sixth inning, it might be Marte or Robertson who gets the call from the bullpen. That’s how much confidence Girardi has in Robertson.

The final decisions on the postseason roster were three guys for two spots. The three were Gaudin, Marte and Guzman. Once the Twins won, the pitchers were in. Gaudin is the long man, should a starter get knocked out early. As Girardi puts it, Gaudin is the insurance that allows him to use the rest of the bullpen however he chooses.

Mauer said his job tonight is to calm down Duensing and get him to keep the ball down. He also said the Twins are running on adrenaline and that it’s “probably good” that they have to play right away. There’s no time to be tired.

The Yankees were reportedly loose in the clubhouse before the games. Unlike the regular season, the media aren’t allowed in there before playoff games.

It would seem there’s even more pressure on A.J. in Game 2 now that Molina is in and Posada’s out.

As for “This Week in Football,” I am in last place in the picks. Last place. This week, I’ll take the Giants over the Raiders, the Jets over the Dolphins and am looking for a layup for my third pick. Eagles over Bucs.



    Hey Kim…enjoyed your work this season. Thanks for representing the women

    I know someone who picked the Twins in this series – Ken Davidoff of Newsday. Can you have a talk with him? He’s obviously lost his mind.

  2. iheartnyy242

    hey kim, welcome back! 😉

    was awesome to watch the yankees all contribute in a solid game one outing! jeter, as always was outstanding, swishy had an important double, godzilla keeps pounding left handed pitching, and even arod got in on the october hit parade.

    now i need something to help curb my anxiety about a.j. being on the mound friday with his personal catcher… i for one would be much more confident knowing that proven battery mates, pettitte and posada, were out there for game two (and potentially five) than a.j. and molina, who has yet to really show the dominance he had last year as a blue jay. not surprised to see girardi succumbing to the pressures from the front office, media, and stroking a.j.’s ego rather than putting the best nine players on the field period!

  3. arizonacacti

    So I’m thinking maybe they should bench posada for the rest of the season as he was worse than I have ever seen him offensively and on defense. I believe the twins were hyped up by that last big streak at the end of the season but will someone point out that it was against the bad white sox sandwich on k.c. royal bread. That game tonight was a very normal Yankee game(if you watched them all year) and the twins looked way overmatched, the only difference I observed was that the fans were louder than usual. The twins are already on the ropes!

  4. chriscsg

    It scares me when everyone is picking one team. While the Yanks are clearly a better team, but also didn’t everyone think the 2006 Yanks were so much better than the Tigers? I think we were also up 1-0 in that series. Yogi will tell ya that it ain’t over til it’s over.


    >”So I’m thinking maybe they should bench posada for the rest of the season as he was worse than I have ever seen him offensively…”

    I’m not sure which posada you’re talking about, but you should check out the Posada who catches for the New York Yankees. He had an awesome year offensively, batting .285 with an on-base percentage of .365 and a slugging percentage of .522 and a home run every 17.4(!)at-bats.


    Hi Kim!
    Joe should go with Molina, if the pitcher has more confidence
    in one catcher than another, why not. With the playoff
    schedule being as it is, Andy should be ready if their is a
    game 5. Its the Giants, Miami and Falcons. Eagles over
    Bucks. Come on Kim, pick a closer game.

  7. pinstripesperson2

    Hi Ms. Jones,
    I was just looking at a replay of the ceremony honoring Mo, Jeter, and Melky. I noticed a bit of writing under the bill of Mo’s cap. I was wondering if perhaps you knew what was written.


    I totaly enjoyed your work this season and especialy enjoyed your work during the celibrations. You took the dousing like a true fan. I thought you were fantastic! Thank You!!


    Difficult Desicin, who should be the ALCS MVP, personally I am inclined to Alex Rodriguez. If we compare the Alex Rodriguez of now, he’s a big difference.

    We can not deny the work of CC, but CC does not throw every day, as Alex does, and each of his hits were key to the success of the Yankees.

    All players deserve recognition, Jeter with his great plays, like Robinson Cano.

    I insist on thinking that Alex Rodriguez should win the ALCS MVP. fal is not a desicion for the group that is responsible for naming it, in any case, congratulation CC

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