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Beef and boos from Baltimore

rain250_040609.jpgI will never do a weather forecast again. I will never do a weather forecast again. I will never …

So, today’s pregame show was going along swimmingly, plenty of sunshine and fun times with Bob. I happened to mention the clear skies and emphasized HOW WRONG the “ominous forecast” was. Oops!

As soon as I finish my little report, I turn around. Tarp still on the field. Uh-oh. Black clouds rolling in. Shoot. Rain. Serious rain. Oh, no!

Nice job by me.

Luckily, we seem headed for an on-time start. I’ll say no more.

The press dining in Baltimore is one of my faves, especially when they have crab cakes. They usually go one per plate. I always ask for two.

But, today, the main dish was Boog’s Pit Beef sandwich. Ate it like a savage. Unfortunately, dining at the stadium becomes a fact of life when the season starts. Most options don’t measure up to Boog’s. Most, I just skip.

Kay, apparently, doesn’t share my affection for Boog’s. He just returned to the booth with a bacon hamburger and fries. Lots of bacon. I told him that was a bloggable offense.

Elaborate pre-game festivities going on. Teixeira really, really got booed. With venom. He seemed to enjoy it.

By the way, I checked with Cano about his locker situation — that he and Melky, his best friend, are on opposite sides of the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium. I asked if he and Melky were fighting; Robbie laughed.

I asked if they get mad — and stay mad — at each other, like girls do. He smiled, shook his head and said, “No!”

Turns out, it’s just a coincidence. Those were the only lockers open, so they are half a clubhouse apart. Robbie says they’ll live with it.

Mixed reception for Joe Biden on the first-pitch scenario.

See you for the postgame!