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Lunchtime tidbits from the City of Fountains

jimcarreyblog041109.jpgSunny afternoon here in KC. Waiting for room service lunch. Thought I’d give you a shout.

Meant to mention that I watched “Yes Man” on flight Thursday night. Laughed out loud several times, which is a good barometer of whether I like a movie or not. Jim Carrey actually reminds me of Bob Lorenz. Very naturally funny guys.

Am probably late to this party, but I love, love, love Duffy’s CD. Listened to it on the plane. And have to download it to my iPod. (Duffy was the name of my first dog. I used to crawl on him. I don’t remember him but have seen pictures.)

A couple of answers to some very, very important questions that have been posted here:

Yes, Vanessa, YES announcers do share a fascination with food. And Matsui speaks some English to his teammates but I mostly hear Japanese. I do think he understands almost all English.

Newygiant wants to know if I wear makeup on TV. The answer: Heck, yes!!

And, yes, mlb2008, I do enjoy interviewing Jeter.

That’s it. The chicken sandwich and two Diet Cokes have arrived. Went with fruit cup instead of fries, which is a terribly difficult decision for me.

Later, skaters!