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Our first live chat!

Mark it down: April 30 – the day of our first live chat! We’re not sure of the time yet but will let you know. It makes sense to do the first chat at home, where I can navigate the computer logistics under the watchful eye of Internet Guru Kevin Sullivan. This will be historic!

Four games is probably too early to come to conclusions about how Yankee Stadium is going to play. And it’s not like 20 home runs in four games never happened at the old Stadium. But I do know Mark DeRosa told Mark Teixeira, “You’re going to WALK into 40 home runs here.” The two were teammates in Texas.

For those of you who got even a tiny little bit worked up when I mentioned wanting to interview Alex Rodriguez, don’t worry. Those are very long odds. As in, will not happen. (A couple of commenters take things very, very seriously. Wow.)

Welcome to the newbies who are taking a look thanks to Pete Abraham’s recommendation! Enjoy the game tonight on My9. Might blog more later, might not. But I’ll see you tomorrow from the Stadium.