Our first live chat!

Mark it down: April 30 – the day of our first live chat! We’re not sure of the time yet but will let you know. It makes sense to do the first chat at home, where I can navigate the computer logistics under the watchful eye of Internet Guru Kevin Sullivan. This will be historic!

Four games is probably too early to come to conclusions about how Yankee Stadium is going to play. And it’s not like 20 home runs in four games never happened at the old Stadium. But I do know Mark DeRosa told Mark Teixeira, “You’re going to WALK into 40 home runs here.” The two were teammates in Texas.

For those of you who got even a tiny little bit worked up when I mentioned wanting to interview Alex Rodriguez, don’t worry. Those are very long odds. As in, will not happen. (A couple of commenters take things very, very seriously. Wow.)

Welcome to the newbies who are taking a look thanks to Pete Abraham’s recommendation! Enjoy the game tonight on My9. Might blog more later, might not. But I’ll see you tomorrow from the Stadium.


  1. edrieg

    Hey Kim – im over here b/c of pete abe mentioning it.. So far i like what i see. Some good stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyway – i was at the game on sunday, and i was amazed how the opening weekend of the new stadium had SO MANY empty seats. i saw consecutive empty rows in the 100 and 200 sections. Some sections seemed less then half full. But where the real fans are, the bleachers and the 300 and 400 sections seemed to be filled up. I hope this doesnt take the FANS out of the game on the field.


  2. jmflvnv@earthlink.net

    Hey Kim – Thanks for all the good info. You are great at what you do. WFAN should have teamed you up with Mike F permanently. Good luck with the blog

  3. keithd18@yahoo.com

    Just found your blog from reading Peter A’s blog. I dont think im gonna read the newspapers anymore, just blogs. The information is so much better and more recent. I bookmarked yours and put it next to peter’s and will read it everyday! Going to Stadium for first time tomorrow, cant wait. Oh, I was in Tampa last week and went to Tropicana Field for the first time. It was Opening Night but it totally wasnt what I expected… the place was packed with Rays fans, the lady next to me had 2 cowbells… i made it for 3 innings and had to leave(13-5 game). I coudlnt believe how may Rays fans there was and how into they team they are…..

  4. jbinhowell@yahoo.com

    Kim, I really enjoyed you and Carlin on the WFAN morning show. I was very disappointed with the team they selected for the permanent slot. What are your thoughts about the long term solution in the OF. I like Swisher and Gardner, but I’m not sure either is an everyday player.

  5. levinsonsf1

    Hello from California! I also heard about this blog from Peter A and it seems pretty good. Good luck with it. I like the fact you haven’t jumped to any conclusions regarding the Stadium after 4 games.

  6. nyyndrwfan

    Hi Kim,

    I’m here from Pete’s blog, too. I really like the way you all support each other!

    Love the blog – and I think you do a great job on YES! Keep up the good work!

  7. m.scida@verizon.net

    Love your Blog, Kim, and am looking forward to the live chat! We live in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and subscribe to DirectTV just to get the Major League Baseball package. As Yankees fans we love YES Network, you and all the announcers! When we can’t get the game on YES here and we are forced to watch the other team’s announcers – well, all I can say is ewwww – it is torture! And the girls that they have to do the pre-game/post-game commentary are a very poor imitation of you! We always say that “she is their version of our Kim Jones but not nearly as good!”

  8. jtorresmesias@hotmail.com

    I am one more of Pete Abe’s readers who come in here because of his recommendation. Happily, I notice he’s right.
    I’m a die-hard Yankees fan from M้rida, Yucatแn, M้xico. And I had the opportunity to fly to Tampa to watch my Yankees play during July ’06 and September ’07. Both times I watched the whole series.
    But, aside from watching the Yankees, I had the privilege to watch you during pre game, sitting next to the Yankees dugout.
    This past season, for the first time, I visited Yankee Stadium, during its Final Season. I went to two games (July 2 vs. the Rangers and July 4 vs. the Red Sox) It was an unforgettable adventure.
    I’ll try to catch your live chat, because it would be a honor for me to have you answering one of my questions.

    Your mexican friend, Jorge

  9. scottishgigolo@gmail.com

    Much like those who commented before me I’m a PA transfer. Big fan Kim, whether it’s on the fan or YES you do a fantastic job. You and Bob Lorenz do a great pregame show (and I don’t just say that as a TV news producer looking to jump to Yes).

    That reminds me, I’ll have to check out the “The Blob”. Keep up the good work, you’ll be hearing more from me .

  10. william23

    Excellent work on the blog…it definitely has a unique perspective in what is an increasingly crowded Yankee blogosphere. The anecdotes in particular provide a fresh look. I hope they keep rolling in?especially an accounting of O?Neill?s legendary appetite.

  11. gcf123


    Let’s see how much pull you really have lol.Can you get with the POwers that Be over at YES and get them to do a pre and post game when the games are on MY9.Makes no sense to me. Why they can’t do them they are already using the YES cameras and YES announcers. No offense to Russ (well I guess it is) that post game just doesnt cut it.

  12. 2yankeegirl

    Hi Kim,

    I love your blog! and I love your work and I am looking forward to the live chat! I am die hard Yankee fan which my husband laughs that I know more Yankee trivia then some of his co-workers! He stated to me that I missed my calling that I should of went into sport communications instead of the fashion industry! btw what designer do you wear??

  13. respectjetersgangster@gmail.com

    Good stuff, liking the blog. I was also at the sunday game, and the empty seats were embarrasing. Seats behind both dugouts were largely vacant. If they have another game like that they need to just start pulling fans from other sections and seating them there. It can’t look good on TV.

  14. yankeesjcs

    Hey Kim! I just got turned on to your blog yesterday by PeteAbe. I gotta say, after watching you on the Yes network for years, you are by far one of the best analysts/reporters I’ve seen for the Yanks and I’ve been a fan for 20+ years! Plus, ya know.. it doesnt hurt that I have a slight crush on you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. yankeesjcs

    Hey Kim! I just got turned on to your blog yesterday by PeteAbe. I gotta say, after watching you on the Yes network for years, you are by far one of the best analysts/reporters I’ve seen for the Yanks and I’ve been a fan for 20+ years! Plus, ya know.. it doesnt hurt that I have a slight crush on you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. dtphonehome

    My first live chat question – Yuengling or Rolling Rock?
    Three straight blogs with Pete Abe’s name – hmmm….you are catching on. Mention A-rod and your blog hits will sky-rocket. You will soon be the “godmother of Yankee blogs”

  17. rachsal13@aol.com

    Hey Kim~
    Yay! Can’t wait for the chat! I also really like the idea for us to give you questions for a player-that would be fun. And I agree w/fan that liked you when you did Mike F’s show-I enjoyed that too-I love how you’re so totally honest, and how you like and respect really good players from teams other than the Yanks. (i’m a yankee fan, but love Pedroia, for instance). Thanks again for all your hard work and this fun blog=)

  18. bob15

    Hey Kim,

    Wow, see Pete is doing the greatest thing he can for you, huh? I also hang out over there on occasions and even got to talk to him on a AAA excursion to Scranton last year. He IS a good guy to talk to. I’m glad you are doing the Live Chat. I most likely will be a part of it so I can’t wait. Just becareful with this blogging…..it will begin to take up LARGE chunks of your time! lol And you might even be forced to learn about some of us too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. phil.eiche@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Kim, first time on your blog (thanks pete for the directions). Been reading up and you are a great blogger, really you are. Thanks for taking the time out to blog for us, you have a great gift. I’m a middle aged man (55) and displaced NY’er living here in Houston TX. I was recently diagnosed with MS so the Yankees and the blogs help me get thru each and every day. I look forward to your continued blogging. Hopefully 09 is a wonderful year for us fans and the Yankees. We need 27!

    I’ll make sure I’m here for your live chat, should be a hoot and I’m sure you will have more participation then you originally thought you’d have lol. Be good and be safe and thanks again

  20. ralph812

    I’m also here because of Pete but I’ll be returning because of you. Nice work.

    I know that the Yankees haven’t sold some of the high priced seats but do you think that one of the reasons for the scattered occupancy behind home plate is because of the restaurant and lounge that the Yankees included with the Legends package? The Yankees made a big deal about the “private” lounge when they offered the seats. I would think that the buyers wouldn’t feel that they got their money’s worth if all they did was sit in the seats. Disappearing into the lounge makes the occasion special.

    P. S. I put your blog in my “regular read” list — Ralph

  21. kyle.malfet@live.com

    Kim, love the blog! You got a spot next to Pete’s Lohud blog on my favorites now. Keep up the good work, and go Yankees!

  22. trexsky2

    Been reading your blog since day one! Awesome job! Love it! It’s so cool to have an inside look at the team and how YES works. You’re ONE of my favorites! Love your sense of humor! Can’t wait to chat with you. For next time’s rain dance…try diet Pepsi and milk duds? : ) haha

  23. karinct

    Hi Kim –

    Keep up the Great Work! Any chance you will be interviewing Jason tomorrow? There are many of us that miss him and think he can’t get enough air time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The second part could just be me!

  24. manzo1875@yahoo.com

    Hey Kim,
    Great blog, I dont agree with the earlier poster wishing you were paired up with Francesca. Nothing against Mike, but you always came off as aggravated when ever I watched the Yes simulcasts of Mike’d Up. You are great on the Yankee telecasts(much better than Waldman), and they should incorporate you more during the telecasts like the Rays do with Todd Kalas. More Jones, less Kay. I am sure many would agree with this.

  25. jenlynn74@optonline.net

    Hi Kim!

    I have to be honest, Kim…I was never a real fan of yours…maybe just jealous of your job? (at least that’s what my hubby claims) LOL But now I like you!! I think it’s b/c after reading your blogs I feel like I know you & agree w/ a lot that you say. You make me laugh out loud! Keep up the good work & GO YANKS!!!!

  26. keithd18@yahoo.com

    Kim, I have a question/observation. I watch most of the postgames thanks to DVR. I have always been impressed with the way you handle and take charge of the post game player/girardi interviews. It’s no secret that your field is mostly men that are obviously sports junkies. This never seams to affect your questioning or approach to the questions you ask, your always right in there ready with follow ups, etc. Do you always get the first question because you work for YES? I would have to imagine that the other beat writers and reporters are anxious to ask questions also? Can you explain how that works?

  27. traceynyy75

    Love the blog so far Kim!!

    Always been a fan, glad you’re in the blogosphere now ๐Ÿ™‚

    go yanks!

  28. tshaw411@aol.com

    A live chat will be cool. Look forward to it. It was nice to see Giambi last night. Good game. Great catch by Gardner.

  29. foxpj25

    I love your “on the field” interviews after the games.
    Is it just me or can C Ransom do anything right?…..his
    fielding at 3rd is awful, like last nights ball under the glove
    ground single + being out of position to make tags at 3rd on throws from outfield+ not letting swinging bunts roll foul……his 0.150 batting average and overall gloomy approach cant be helping……why is he still in there? At least get someone at third that can field or knows fundamentals.

    Al in Houston

  30. tshaw411@aol.com

    Hey Kim, I have a question. Do you know what is the status of the old stadium? I haven’t been to the new one yet, and I notice on tv, the cameras never pan to the old one when showing outside shots. I saw a bit of it at the beginning of the game yesterday, and paused the scene, and it looked like the freeze was gone. I went on the yankees official website, but didn’t find any info. My friend went to a game last week, and said the old stadium looked like it wasn’t touched, but looked lonely all by itself.

  31. traceynyy75

    whoever mentioned MY9 you are RIGHT ON. I really don’t know how salzberg still has a job…. sorry but he is awful.

    We want more Kim!!! Less Russ, more Kim!!!!

  32. mopar383sc@earthlink.net

    Hey Kim,

    You were the best “sit in” on Mike Francesa since Mag Dog left.

    You should be his new partner….and bring Nancy Newman with you please!!!

    Good luck with your new blog!

    Ed from Staten Island

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