Reminder: Chat on Monday at 12:45 p.m.

Just a quick reminder: We’re chatting at 12:45 p.m. Monday. Hope you’re there. Enjoy the holiday.


Just saw our Kim talking (arguing, yelling?) at Zillo because she didn’t get anyone to interview after the game. She looked great though.

Michael Kay has a giant head. Paul On’Neill has confirmed what we all suspected.

It’s a glorious day….the Yankees won…and we have confirmation that Michael Kays head is enormous. Kimmie….why have you kept this a secret for so long?

Hey Kim

Great interview with swisher

Mike ,
Great job with center stage.I love mike ,oneil, singleton, and cone in the booth .The former major leaguers give great insight to the game.
Booth quotes ,Mike : do you go all out on 4th of july ,oneill: Yeah we have sparklers and everything.

MD yfd

I thought you were going to knock Zillo down, whats with that? It’s part of the reason we stay for the postgame.

So where is the live chat?? It’s 12.54. No link provided to live chat at all.

Kim are you ever afraid of getting pie in your face?

Kim, how are the Home Run Derby participants selected?

Kim………..First off, Great Job!!!!!….Secondly, The Yankees have the BEST play by play team EVER!!!!….With all respect to the Scooter et all……Third, Please pass the word………LOSE THE PIE THROWING>>>It’s Bush league and classless!!!!!!!!!…Take Care…………Bo

one thing i have to say is im a huge fan of kim, kay,oneill, singleton, flash and cone and i might also add besides keeping you interested in the game and pre and post game david cone is really funny just wondering does he always eat ice cream without a spoon. youare all doing a great job

Boy, do I miss Bob Shepard. The stadium announcer the other day when introducing the Wounded Warriors said that the young man from the Army was from the “One Oh One Airborne”. For us retired screaming eagles its Hundred and First Airborne. Please pick up your game.

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