Thoughts on an off day

yanks250.jpgEveryone you talk to or listen to seems to think the Yankees and Red Sox are a foregone pairing in the ALCS. And they may be. But given what we saw over the past few days, the Yankees and Angels would make for an entertaining seven-game series, no?

Certainly the way the managers approached risk/reward on the base paths would be an intriguing game within the game. And the weather in Anaheim would be better. Decidedly so.

Anyway, just a quick check-in on an evening without baseball. I do fewer posts than ever. And feel guilty about it.

Phil Hughes: He’s our scheduled “Innerview” for tomorrow’s “Batting Practice Today” at 6 p.m. on YES. Should be fun. He’s trying to convince me to watch “The Office” beginning with the first season instead of trying to jump in as a new viewer this season. That’s the kind of stuff we talk about on long West Coast trips. And Hughes LOVES “The Office.” I’ve seen one little episode and am nearly converted. (Long West Coast trips also allow for movie watching. Saw “The Hangover” last night and laughed like a hyena. Really, parts of that movie are hysterical.)

YES coverage: There’s not a Red Sox-Yankees game on YES this weekend, but we will have plenty of coverage. On Friday night, the BP show, pregame and postgame are on YES; the 7 p.m. game is on My9 with Kay and Leiter.

On Saturday, pregame and postgame are on YES. The 4 p.m. game is on FOX.

On Sunday, pregame and postgame are on YES. The 1 p.m. game is on ESPN.

Cone is joining Lorenz in the studio for the weekend. We could have a champagne-popping postgame, so stay tuned. This Yankees team probably will throw a heck of a clubhouse party.

Tino Martinez: To the five of you still interested in the Q&A with Tino that was scheduled for May 18, my deepest apologies. I’ve had no luck finding him. None. If I were a sensitive sort, I’d take it personally. I’m not.

So, if I see Tino between now and the end of the season, I’ll ask him some questions on the spot — first question: “Are you ducking me and my blog readers?” — and post them. Otherwise, this will sadly remain a Tino-free zone.

“This Week in Football”: I need to bounce back. After going 1-2 in my NFL picks for “This Week in Football,” I thought about quitting the picks business. But producer extraordinaire Jared Boshnack wouldn’t have it. So, I have three games to pick. It’s agony.

Sticking with the Giants over the Bucs because the Giants haven’t let me down yet and because if they need a score in the final two minutes, Eli will deliver.

I need another win, and if you think I’m going for a white-knuckler, you’re wrong. Ravens over Browns. Sooner or later, Mangini will have to come to terms with the notion that he did not invent the game.

As for the Jets, I haven’t picked them yet and they’ve burned me twice. Or I’ve burned myself. And this week they’re playing the desperate Titans. Sigh.

If I had a fantasy team, I’d want Chris Johnson on it. I think he makes the difference. Titans over Jets.


  1. mrsswisher10

    thanks for a new post! =] can’t wait for the Red Sox series to begin tomorrow! i hope we whoop up on ’em!


  2. thefreak

    Miss Jones.

    Yes, you should feel guilty. There are a few of us that stop by everyday to hear what you have to say. But you are human, so you get a pass. Maybe next year you will blog more.

    NO TRIPS TO CALI! Not that I don’t think the bombers can beat them. They don’t need jet lag to play a factor. PLUS I’m tired of watching games that late at night.

    House and Lie to me ……… 2 must see shows. You have DVR or Tivo right. Because they come one when you’re working.

    As for Tino. You tell Martinez that NOBODY puts baby (K. Jones) in the corner. You should do the whole swapping emails thing when asking him questions. If he won’t come to you, make your computer go to him. If that doesn’t work, you can threaten him with turning Yankee nation against him. NOT that it would work, but it might get him thinking a little.

    Go BIG BLUE!!!!!!!! Ravens ove the Browns? You like living on the edge don’t you. lol. And I think ONCE AGAIN you pick (or lack there of) of the Jets will be letting you down.

    Good luck

  3. swanton7

    Great blog, as always. I can’t wait to see the Hughes “innerview”. He’s my favorite pitcher on the team, and I really hope he turns out to be a lifetime Yankee.

    You really need to get in the booth with Michael Kay, that certainly would be an interesting game.

    By the way, where has O’Neil been? he hasn’t called a game in…forever. Did I miss something?


    I really hate it when the games are on MY9. I live out of the area and have the MLB Extra Innings package. When the games are on MY9, I am forced to listen to the other teams miserable announcers. I’m stuck with the Red Sox announcers tonight. I guess I’ll have to mute the play by play.

  5. swanton7,

    A good way to solve that (if you can) is put the tv on mute, and play John Sterling and Suzan Waldman on the radio and listen to them. If you don’t get the station, try listening to it from the internet. With all the new technology, there has got to be a way for that…one would think.

    Good luck.

  6. terrigirl

    good stuff as always….I went 0-3 on those picks…really bottomed out in our office pool, but I am going back for more, glad to see you are too. I went with the giants, titans, & ravens too….let’s hope it goes better for us this week

    curious…do you read these comments?

    curious again…what are your picks for the playoffs?

    GO YANKS…..GO GIANTS…and I hope the Jets do well too


    To: bh0419
    We also live out of NY and pay for MLB Extra Innings but we also purchased online, for CBS-880 so we don’t have to listen to the other announcers. It is $14.95 for the season.
    Boy we really have to pay a lot to be a Yankee fan but it is worth it!

    Hope this helps you.


    Hi Kim!
    Boston’s pitching or Angle’s speed plus jet lag? Pitching
    may not be as back as some feel and Yanks (despite last
    series) do not fair all that great on west coast. Take Boston
    and pray. Should have stuck with Giants last week and it
    serves me right for picking the boys. So this week it’s all
    WAG week. lions over skins, jets over tenn. and fins over


    Dear Ms. Jones:

    I can’t find a text or e-mail address for the broadcast booth to convey the following. Michael Kay and Al Leiter just speculated about position players who have pitched in mop-up games. They missed your colleague – Paul O’Neil pitched an inning for the Reds against the Braves at Fulton Co. Stadium in July or August 1987. He did well – high leg kick!

    Thank you (and belated happy birthday, a big one according to your bio on Wikipedia!).


    Ooooops! Pats not playing fins so falcons over pats. Pitch
    Joba 5 innings in playoffs then bring in b-p. Maybe Gaudin
    as 4th starter?

  11. donhep

    I’m a huge Yankee fan and will be at the Yankee-Tampa game 10/03/09. Hope to see you before the game. This past weekend with the Yankees sweeping the Red Sox to win their 100th game, take the AL East Crown, and home field advantage through the playoffs. You know the Yankees are going to win number 27 to break in the new stadium. By the way, I enjoy watching all your pregame shows. You are heard and usually not seen on the postgame, unless of course there is a pie to throw.

    Orlando, FL.

  12. pipperoo333

    Great reporting from the locker room today. As a Social Worker by trade I love how you kept talking about the psychological aspect of the team. I said that for years they did not look like they meshed since the Bernie, Jeter, Posada, Paul, Tino, Andy etc… era. You can’t get anything accomplished if your head doesn’t work. Alex was the number one person I think had a head issue. Nice work and I’m glad you let Mariano dump the bubbly on you!!! It’s refreshing isn’t it? lol
    Lisa aka Pip



    Outstanding job on the clubhouse interviews during the celebration! I enjoyed seeing your camaraderie with the players while you were talking with them too. One request: would you please do a blog post on the clubhouse celebration? Thanks.


  14. eileenyy

    My Dear Kimmie,
    I think you RULE!! I am very proud of you and all your wonderful work, BUT not proud of the fact that you did not receive a Key to the City with all the the Yankees Clan!! Not Fair and stupid if I must say so!!
    We all watch you from start to finish, everyone on the scene
    listens to you and is crazy about you, but yet, you were not a part of the festivities..BOOOOOOOO the city!!
    How can they make that mistake????
    You getting a Key to the City would have been the strawberry on top of the 2009 season and parade.
    A Big Fan Of Yours,
    Eileen From Queens, NY (NO, not a Queens MET FAN, LOL)

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